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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Super Mario World Chrome Theme


Anyhoo, I was bored today so I decided to deck out Google Chrome with my very own built from scratch theme.  Since I played Super Mario World last weekend, I've still been in the mood for it so I decided to theme it to that.  I might make some for other games if people want me to.  This is still WIP, but here's what I've got so far.

Normal Mode
Activated Tab:  Normal grassy ground.
Non-Active Tab/New Tab button:  Yellow underground...ground (I went with Yellow so the text would be easier to read)
Active Background:  When Google Chrome is active, the top background is Yoshi's Island 1's background.
Nonactive Background: When you have another window selected but Google Chrome is visible in the background, the top background becomes the starry sky background.

Incognito Mode (You probably won't be using this often but oh well)
Activated Tab:  Normal grassy ground.  The official Google tutorial makes no mention of being able to change this, but I'll look into making it the alternate castle ground.
Non-Active Tab/New Tab Button:  Stone Blocks commonly seen in castles.
Active Background:  Castle Windows
Nonactive Background:  Ghost House Windows

New Tab Page/Incognito Start-Up Page
Mountain background (with edits to make it taller and have a gradient)

Things I want to add if possible:  Change Incognito icon to a Boo (implying nobody is looking so he's free to move), change active tab to alternate castle ground for incognito, add Mario riding Yoshi...somewhere.

So yeah, there's my progress.  I can share it if people want.


  1. Please give me a link when it is finished!

  2. Please do share it's so marvelous and amazing! <333