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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This blog finally lives up to its title

As you're probably aware, my computer's internet went kablammo last week. During the week away from everybody, I realized I had random thoughts that I'd normally get off my chest to somebody online but couldn't due to my computer woes. Here's a list of random observations I made.

-Labyrinth Zone is not hard: Just very boring. I died twice while attempting to play through all of Sonic 1. I had a good chance to beat the game in one sitting for the first time in my life. But no. I hit Labyrinth Zone Act 3 and just thought "Y'know, I really want to be doing something else right now."

-Crushing =/= Instant Death in Sonic Generations (except in special occasions). I find that very odd indeed.

-The more I think about the "All Toasters Toast Toast" scene, the less sense it makes. Why are there so many toasters plugged into one outlet? Why toasters? Why does toasting toast automatically turn the power back on? Why wouldn't you just unplug them? Who are the "they" that have a saying about toasting toast? Don't you toast bread, not toast? Blah, I say, blah!

-The ending credits song from Super Mario Galaxy 2 is guaranteed to give me goosebumps.

-Sonic 1 had the same or very similar badniks in each zone. Sonic 2, CD, and 3K all changed that. Adventure went right back to the same enemies in each area (minus a few exceptions). What's up with that?

-I realized 90% of Sonic 06 was completely erased from my mind. Seriously, my brother mentioned White Acropolis the other day and I had to think for a minute to know what he was talking about.

-Each of my eyes see a different hue better than the other. My right eye sees more vibrant reds while my left eye sees more vibrant blues and greens.

-Replaying Sonic Adventure's Sonic stages on the Dreamcast was less enjoyable than I hoped. Why? The control stick for the Dreamcast just plain sucks.