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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Odds are, if you're reading this, you've played or heard of the very early version of my arcade shooter project, Primary. If not, it's the first game maker game I intend on finishing. Featuring music, stages, gameplay, etc all made by me (sound effects are a maybe there), it will be a project that I hope I can publish on YoYo Games' website.

For those unfamiliar, in my game you play as a rainbow ship capable of shooting yellow, blue, and red shots. These shots all match the colors of corresponding targets. Hitting targets with the matching colors results in 25 points while hitting with the incorrect color causes the target to charge at you (not necessarily a bad thing in all situations). Much more important than just hitting the targets is allowing the colored targets to reach their matching colored score bar at the bottom. Targets that hit this bar give you 100 points. However, allowing incorrect colored targets to reach the bottom results in a loss of health.

If this sounds complicated, it can be at times which is why the final version will include a practice mode to hone your skills on any of the 35 stages (7 Sectors, 5 stages per sector).

Here's my progress so far:
Menus: About 50% complete (nailed the design I want, just have to retrofit old menus and add new ones)
Stages: 5 of 35 done (Sector 1 complete)
Music: Title Screen/Menus, Sector 1, and Stage Clear complete
Targets: Yellow, Blue, Red complete
Power-ups: Hearts, 1-Ups, Rainbow Shot complete
Sound Effects: 0% Complete
Overall Progress: General idea nailed, just need stages and power-ups to spice it up along with sound

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sonic Generations - Stage List

As you may or may not have heard, the stage list was leaked for Sonic Generations. I was actually going to make this list before this leakage and update it as the stages were announced, but this works too. I'm going to list the stages I thought should have been in the game, the stages that I thought were the most likely to be in the game, and the stages that actually are in the game. Even before the list was leaked, I had assumed there would be one level from each of the main games since modern Sonic games don't have more than about 8 levels (rightfully so, these levels are absolutely gigantic compared to normal levels when you think of how fast you're going and yet it's still 2-6 minutes long.) Of course, this is true for the PS3/360 version although the 3DS version apparently breaks off after the classic zones and heads in the handheld direction (Advance/Rush games, anyone?)

Sonic the Hedgehog

What I thought would be in it - Green Hill Zone
What I thought should be in it - Green Hill Zone
What is really in it - 360/PS3: Green Hill Zone 3DS: Green Hill Zone

Although I like Star Light Zone the best out of the original Sonic the Hedgehog's zones, there's no denying that Green Hill Zone is absolutely iconic and it would be a crime not to include it in Sonic Generations. Of course, it was as obvious as it possibly could have been that if any zone would be coming back, Green Hill Zone would be it.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

What I thought would be in it - Casino Night Zone
What I thought should be in it - Oil Ocean Zone
What is really in it - 360/PS3: Chemical Plant Zone 3DS: Casino Night Zone(?)

Casino Night Zone is arguably the 2nd most iconic Sonic zone ever after Green Hill, but I understand not going with it. The stage probably would have had a rather awkward transition to 3d, and I always figured if Casino Night didn't get in, Chemical Plant probably would. Oil Ocean is simply my favorite zone in the game and a massive oil refinery would have been very different from usual 3D Sonic fare. Now, the 3DS version has different zones and I've heard Casino Night had been all but confirmed for that version. However, all but confirmed isn't confirmed, so there's the question mark.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

What I thought would be in it - Ice Cap Zone
What I thought should be in it - Hydrocity Zone
What is really in it - 360/PS3: None(!) 3DS: Launch Base Zone(?)

My only major complaint about the official level selection is the executive decision to lump 3 and Knuckles together. Really, I have the fanbase to blame: If people hadn't counted them as one game all of these years, we probably would have one stage from each now. As for me, I've always counted them as separate adventures. Sure, they were meant to be one but that's not the way the cookie crumbled. Either way, I thought Ice Cap would get in since there would be no other Ice stage candidates and its music is famous. Hydrocity is my favorite Sonic zone ever and it would make a perfect water stage. Alas, it was not meant to be. While Launch Base Zone itself hasn't been confirmed for the 3DS version, Sonic 3's final boss (fought on the platform beneath the Death Egg, mind you) has been, so it would only make sense.

Sonic and Knuckles

What I thought would be in it - Flying Battery Zone
What I thought should be in it - Flying Battery Zone
What is really in it - 360/PS3: Sky Sanctuary Zone 3DS: ???

Asking most people what their favorite zone in Sonic and Knuckles is would likely result in two answers: Flying Battery Zone and Lava Reef Zone. Therefore, I thought Flying Battery would be the best candidate. However, Sega surprised me with Sky Sanctuary, and I'm not disappointed really. Just imagine how amazing those floating ruins will look with glorious HD visuals!

Sonic Adventure

What I thought would be in it - Emerald Coast
What I thought should be in it - Windy Valley
What is really in it - 360/PS3: Speed Highway 3DS: none(?)

It's no secret Sega loves that giant killer whale. Every time they show a screenshot of Sonic Adventure, there it is. The chase sequence has been replicated countless times with either different vehicles or even more killer whales. I thought they'd jump at the chance to throw that whale at us again, but they've shown restraint and gone with Speed Highway, which I'm thrilled with because it's one of my favorite stages. I wanted Windy Valley because I both loved it and thought a floating ruins stage would be unique. Sega agreed on the floating ruins but not the stage itself. 3DS is listed as none because it's rumored to have only handheld stages.

Sonic Adventure 2

What I thought would be in it - City Escape
What I thought should be in it - City Escape
What is really in it - 360/PS3: City Escape 3DS: none(?)

City Escape is my second favorite Sonic level ever. Every time I pop in Sonic Adventure 2, I absolutely must play it. It's one of those stages that's absolutely impounded into my brain forever. Therefore, I'm absolutely ecstatic that it makes a return for Sonic Generations although I can't say I'm surprised. Now, I will say something here: Yes, I know there's lots of city stages in Sonic Generations, but when it comes down to it, the city stages tend to be the very best stages, especially so in modern Sonic games. Therefore, I really don't mind having so many of them. It could be worse: you could have to play Pyramid Cave or Crazy Gadget. Remember that.

Sonic Heroes

What I thought would be in it - Seaside Hill
What I thought should be in it - Hang Castle
What is really in it - 360/PS3: Seaside Hill/Ocean Palace 3DS: none(?)

Seaside Hill is probably the most memorable stage in Sonic Heroes and I'm not surprised it's in Sonic Generations, although fusing it with Ocean Palace was a nice touch. However, I would have preferred Hang Castle since it would have been a very unique environment. Plus, the gravity switching would have been crazy with modern Sonic's fast paced action.

Sonic the Hedgehog (06)

What I thought would be in it - Crisis City
What I thought should be in it - Crisis City
What is really in it - 360/PS3: Crisis City 3DS: none(?)

Crisis City was the most memorable stage in Sonic 06, even though much of it was for the wro-THE WHOLE CITY'S ON FIRE! THE WHOLE CITY'S ON FIRE! THAT TORNADO'S CARRYING A CAR! However, playing it with what is sure to be a much better control scheme and with better visuals should be great. Besides, the mach speed section at the end of the original seems like it was made for Unleashed/Colors' control scheme.

Sonic Unleashed

What I thought would be in it - Apotos
What I thought should be in it - Spagonia
What is really in it - 360/PS3: Spagonia 3DS: none(?)

Hallelujah! Spagonia is my absolute favorite Sonic level ever with City Escape being a close 2nd, so when the City Escape trailer confirmed both, it was an immediate win in my book. Really, I have nothing more to say. The stage kicks ass. I just hope it's still got its famous clock tower descent!

Sonic Colors

What I thought would be in it - Planet Wisp
What I thought should be in it - Starlight Carnival
What is really in it - 360/PS3: Planet Wisp 3DS: ???

I just knew if Sonic Colors were in it, Planet Wisp would be. Really, any of the stages would have been just fine, but Planet Wisp will probably look amazing in HD. However, you know what would have looked even more amazing?: Giant rainbow lit ships traveling through hyper space and magical light paths forming loops around said ships.

Even though I didn't get all of my wishes, I thought the overall level selection for Sonic Generations was great. Leaving Sonic 3 off was a mistake but none of the chosen stages are bad by any stretch of my imagination.