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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Odds are, if you're reading this, you've played or heard of the very early version of my arcade shooter project, Primary. If not, it's the first game maker game I intend on finishing. Featuring music, stages, gameplay, etc all made by me (sound effects are a maybe there), it will be a project that I hope I can publish on YoYo Games' website.

For those unfamiliar, in my game you play as a rainbow ship capable of shooting yellow, blue, and red shots. These shots all match the colors of corresponding targets. Hitting targets with the matching colors results in 25 points while hitting with the incorrect color causes the target to charge at you (not necessarily a bad thing in all situations). Much more important than just hitting the targets is allowing the colored targets to reach their matching colored score bar at the bottom. Targets that hit this bar give you 100 points. However, allowing incorrect colored targets to reach the bottom results in a loss of health.

If this sounds complicated, it can be at times which is why the final version will include a practice mode to hone your skills on any of the 35 stages (7 Sectors, 5 stages per sector).

Here's my progress so far:
Menus: About 50% complete (nailed the design I want, just have to retrofit old menus and add new ones)
Stages: 5 of 35 done (Sector 1 complete)
Music: Title Screen/Menus, Sector 1, and Stage Clear complete
Targets: Yellow, Blue, Red complete
Power-ups: Hearts, 1-Ups, Rainbow Shot complete
Sound Effects: 0% Complete
Overall Progress: General idea nailed, just need stages and power-ups to spice it up along with sound

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