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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mr. X's Roller Coaster Road Trip Part 2

Seeing as how the Rapture wasn't today, looks like I get to continue my trip report! Huzzah! I recommend having this open in one tab and my photos open in another tab. Again, my photos have descriptions on photobucket while this post will have a glossary of terms and reviews (although not nearly as much as last post).

Part 2 can be found here

The Who and the What Now? - Water coasters...not to be confused with water coasters
Water coasters such as Wildebeest at Splashin' Safari are waterslides that propel riders in intertubes uphill using magnets, water, or conveyor belts. This is not to be confused with a water coaster (That makes sense, give two things the same name), which is a boat ride that periodically attaches to roller coaster track for a roller coaster section (see water coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2).

Coaster Review - The Howler
It's a kids coaster with one notable feature: It slams on the brakes so hard at the end it's painful. 4/10 (yeah, there's much much worse things in this world)

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